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Dominican Republic – an international air cargo hub

The General Directorate of Customs of the Dominican Republic has partnered with national logistics companies to improve the country’s efficiency and competitiveness in the international market. This strategic association aims to encourage investment in the logistics sector and increase the country’s capacity to handle large volumes of merchandise.

The collaboration between the General Directorate of Customs and local logistics companies will include the creation of clearer and more coherent regulatory policies and measures, as well as the implementation of improvements at the operational and technological level. In addition, a greater participation of the private sector in the planning and management of customs operations will be encouraged.

Among the specific initiatives that will be carried out are the creation of a single window system for the management of all customs and logistics operations, the promotion of the use of modern technologies to improve the efficiency and transparency of the process, as well as the training and development of customs personnel.

The partnership between the General Directorate of Customs and logistics companies is an important step in the right direction to make the most of economic growth opportunities in the country. By improving the logistics and customs infrastructure, the country’s ability to attract new investment and promote exports of Dominican products in the international market will be increased.